Trying on Fashion Nova "Wear to Work" Outfits

We are back at work, which means we need a new wardrobe! (duh) In today’s video, we explore Fashion Nova’s “wear to work” section to find outfits that would guarantee CEO status. Just call us #NovaBabes


Which outfit would YOU wear to work!? Let us know in the comments!

Joslyn’s Outfits ►►
Blazer 3 Piece Suit-
Velvet Bike Short Set-
Blue Blazer Top-
White Cut Out Pants-
Suit Set-

Drew’s Outfits ►►
Pink Pants Suit-
Mustard Blazer Dress-
Hot Pink Mini Blazer Dress-
Suit Set-

Naz’s Outfits ►►
Skirt Set-
Black Button Dress-
Suit Set-

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47 thoughts on “Trying on Fashion Nova "Wear to Work" Outfits

  1. That look is NOT flattering in my opinion. She is not right about the houndstooth jacket IMO. She is frumpy to me. As for Jocelyn's outfit, I think a plain white pant would be good for contrast but other than that, it's good for her. And just no to Drew's first look. I mean I know Hollywood is a "whole different land" and all that, but if she came to a job interview that in VT, she'd be told to get in more a more appropriate top. Man, Naz just has a nineties/Chanel death wish.

  2. The last suit y'all all chose… back when I worked in marketing I had 3 of that suit in 3 colors.. I loved it loved the colors.. I would totally buy those again especially those colors

  3. Best outfit that is appropriate for each round but remember this was from fashion nova so what do you expect..

    1 round: Naz

    2 round: Naz but longer for the skirt would be better

    3 round: None the outfits weren’t appropriate but maybe Naz!! I DON’T KNOW ABOUT THIS ONE.

    4 round: NO!!! There boobs were showing a little for work!
    But it’s not the worst

    At the end of the day all of the outfits were super cute and I wish that people could go to work like that. But that’s not how it works.

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