WEAR this…NOT that. FALL FASHION 2018.


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48 thoughts on “WEAR this…NOT that. FALL FASHION 2018.

  1. I get all the criticising comments but I personally think we shouldn't take this video too seriously 😉 Melissa is not at all someone who shames and hates people for their looks and this video was just supposed to be sassy. I personally enjoyed her roasting all those styles 😉

  2. hey gals! totally ignore this video! don’t let this gal tell you what to go out & buy because at the end of the day in most outlets (such as f21) have 52 seasons a year, soon whatever she’s saying will be old & then it’s a constant cycle of spending money on shit you don’t need to be stylish, invest in a few pieces you love & rock that. fuck the ‘trends’ & fast fashion. because it’s just a FAT waste of money on shit you don’t even like & some bitch on the internet is telling you to buy.

  3. I’m literally so close to unsubscribing. You called girls “bitches” for wearing a trench coat! Not everyone wants chunky shoes, I like Gladys and need them. Vans are perfect for my work. They need to be flat and close toed. Stop telling people what they need to wear and instead make suggestions on improving their outfits or making those “basic” clothes, interesting!!

  4. I’m already self conscious. I wear some of the clothes you said not to and now I feel even worse. Like skinny jeans. I wear them everyday as it goes well with my work uniform. 🙁 so am I not cute? Do I look bad? This sucks

  5. Just fyi haha, most of these are fads not trends. Like the small sunglasses may be cool but they are impractical and not really useful as sunnies. I get what you were trying to do with this video, but I feel like some of these things will also be 'out of style' super soon again and may not be worth investing in if you don't like them

  6. Well this does not seem to be a popular video Mel and , I knew once you started your delivery you were going to get push back. Nothing is never out of style, it all about how one decides to express themselves thru their fashion. Trends are for a person deciding to wear something because someone else is marketing the item as you got to have it. That is why you find so much in the thrift store because someone got rid of their bell bottoms or a plaid suit because it no longer fits and their child turn their nose up and said that not in. But that ok you live long enough you will eventually do something not everyone find favorable. You was just doing video for fun but it backed fired. Hope the comments are helpful and was not too stinging for you. Lesson learned, with many more to come take it from a 56 year old.

  7. I'm sorry my Dear, but I dont care about Trends, I wear whatever makes me feel good. I went out friday night to Las Vegas Strip and Fremont St. And I saw a lot of women wearing Stripes, striped flared pants, dresses and blouses. I was wearing my skinny jeans, tank top and Grasshoppers and a crossbody bag. So NO, everybody can wear what they absolutely want. You could have suggested but you came at to aggressively! People are free to wear what ever they want.

  8. "when people wear these ugly ass brown boots" hun this is not it! people have different styles and honestly don't care to wear what's in style for them. people wear what they like and what they feel comfortable in. melissa, i usually love all ur videos but this one was so degrading to people.

  9. honeyyyyyyyy CHILLL, you’re style isn’t everyone’s cup of tea……. you’re literally wearing a pink polka dot blazer with out of style earrings and LIME GREEN NAILS. not all your subs have the same fucking style so stfu

  10. what if we all just through everything in the garbage and kept the classics? -black and white converse – caramel colored trench coats – skinny jeans/mom jeans – and a plain white t-shirt. ITS THE PERFECT OUTFIT FOR EVERY TREND, FASHION, AND PERSONAL STYLE. bye

    PS. why ASOS? thats still fast fashion.. its just on the internet instead…

  11. I love all your videos but this one I can’t seem to like it at all, I even become irritated half way through the video. All these trends are based on your opinions. Not everyone has the same taste what one person might love someone else might find hideous. I didn’t expect this from you.

  12. Just because your done with something doesn’t mean it’s not “in” anymore… lmao like skinny jeans 97% of the girls at my school wear skinny jeans soooo I guess we’re dumb asf and far back in the trends lmao

  13. RIP chokers, I wore you sweet babies well 💫 I’ll definitely be incorporating some of your tips into my wardrobe, I’m not offended because I just get your personality. I’ll still wear some of these staple pieces but nail the outfit with special twists of my own.

  14. So you’re the person that looks up and down a person and judge them? Gosh I thought you were better then this. You’re judging people. Not all people can afford you’re insane weird style Gosh… SHOOK

  15. Wow the heat u r getting from this vid is big. I have to say I really appreciated this video and think you are actually spot on for the upcoming trends in the coming seasons. I work doing fashion forecasting and almost everything you said is on my radar rn. I get everyone has their own style and such but I really don't think this vid was offensive, I actually found it funny & informative to the zeitgeist of what is going on now in fashion. Would love to see more vids like this in the future!

  16. Melissa, I believe that you should do a response to this video as you seem to be triggering people and losing fans rather than gaining. See your response will support your fan base. We want to know your intentions for this video.

  17. Hey girly! I see what you were trying to do here. I think if the approach was more of a “are you stuck in a rut wearing these same pieces? Do you want to spice things up for this fall? I have some suggestions for you!” Kind of approach more people would have been interested and not feel like they’re being attacked. Everyone has that “well dang that didn’t come out like I wanted” moments in life and I know you’ll be the type of person to take this as a learning experience and run with it. Good luck to you and I hope you take the time to address this in a video!

  18. It's funny cause her style is mainstream & basic too, a lot of girls/boys dress the way she does maybe not to school but i see it other places. I feel like if you have a unique style you don't say it & bash other people, you show it.

  19. OMG, I thought that people who are watching your chanel are into fashion but now looking at all these comments I can see that most of them are 'these people' from your video who don't care about fashion and just don't get it… it's not about loving everything that She showed us in their video, it's about to feel it and find your style which is.. I don't know how to say it… the style that fits currents trends.. I hope that people who has good taste in fashion will understand my opinion.
    I tried my best to 'tell' everyone to care about trends and choose what is really good for you, instead of stocking in a 5, 7 years ago and thinking that random sweaters or random black boots are 'classy' and 'classics' XDD THEY'RE NOT, THEY'RE BORING, OPEN YOUR MIND TO NEW TREND
    I get you girl, don't worry about negative comments
    *sorry is sth I wrote is incorrect, I'm from Poland

  20. Girl I love your channel but quit acting like you're a fashion authourity and saying "WE." These are clearly just your opinion and not everyone feels comfortable walking around looking like a neon balloon with tiny ass sunglasses for a week and then it's "DONE". I love your content but this just rubbed me the wrong way.

  21. not going to lie i feel like you came off so rude in this video. who cares if its not in style? if someone feels confident in a tighter style of jeans or those brown boots, how does that bother you so deeply to tell your audience to throw them away? “get rid of them, no excuse.” so rude. i love your previous videos and i watch you all the time. this was disappointing. dont make someone feel like their style is ugly

  22. I love your videos but not everyone can or wants to dress for what’s the “ trend “ for that season. People have their own personal style and may find things cute that others may not. Just because something is not the hottest or latest trend doesn’t mean it’s any less cute or acceptable to wear.

  23. People need to chill. This video is titled FALL FASHION of course she's gonna talk about what's inn and what's not. This video wasn't made for her to tell you to keep wearing your same skinny jeans and black choker, but if that's you then go ahead. This video is obviously for someone who's looking to change their style and see what's on trend whether you like that trend or not is up to you.

  24. I get your enthusiasm. As for me, before I actually see the masses wear anything the Instagram influencers are seen wearing for months, I skip them all. The double GG Gucci belt, the double buckle belt, the Gucci Marmont bag, the Loewe puzzle bag, the platform Doc Martens in black or white etc. So bored. Ha ha ha! Problem solved.

  25. If you dont like. the fashion trends now then click of the video you dont have to watch the video and for everyone saying oh thats ugly and not everyone likes the same styles as you then keep wearing your uggs and your white knit sweaters. She is trying to help people change the fashion game than having the same old stuff. btw she is not shaming people for your style she. is showing you more. and different choices that you. can use and she is just giving her opinion and if you dont like it dont leave a mean comment leave it to yourself.
    I love this video, I hope you keep doing these types of videos. I will be trying out these styles because i love them. ❤️😍👢👠

  26. nah, sis. they are called classics for a reason. more people should embrace wearing the same thing. fast fashion sucks. Watch "The True Cost" doc on netflix. Also, not everyone's life revolves around clothes, because there is so more to life than what you wear. I like wearing similar things all year round and it allows you to focus that extra energy on more meaningful endeavors. Also pretty sick of all these youtubers taking clothes from thrift shops which are meant for people with low incomes who want to find nice clothes for themselves (job interviews, jobs, everyday etc) and then people like yourself taking them all and making a profit to continue your over consuming lifestyle. blah. ya'll need to get a hard dose of reality. maybe go volunteer at a homeless shelter one weekend instead of thrifting..

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