What a $1000 Outfit Looks Like at Seoul Fashion Week | This Look Is Money | Harper’s BAZAAR

In this new BAZAAR series—This Look Is Money—we’re hitting the streets to find the best dressed and the big spenders.

Who are you wearing? How much did it cost? What favors are you calling in? Think something old, something new, something borrowed and something outrageous.

In this episode, we spoke to some of the top models walking Seoul Fashion Week, including Hyeon Seo, Hanna Jang, and Ji Hyun Park.

Producer: Kathryn Rice
Director of Photography: Rob Dumé
Camera: Valerie Schenkman
Editor: Chris Davies
Graphic Designer: Perri Tomkiewicz
Director of Graphics: Danny Ratcliff
Motion Designer: Siqi Xu
Colorist: Erica Dillman

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40 thoughts on “What a $1000 Outfit Looks Like at Seoul Fashion Week | This Look Is Money | Harper’s BAZAAR

  1. So funny how they’re outfits are a little less than a $1000 yet they are dressed amazingly great compared to them chicks in the other episodes that were wearing $4000 – $7000 outfits yet they looked basic and trash.

    Then again, a lot of people in NYC just dress trash period.

  2. I’m honestly hurt she asked her dad to buy those $600 shoes that don’t even look like they should cost that much and the fact that he willingly bought them😭I’ve seen better shoes at the thrift store omg

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