Why You Shouldn’t Start a Fashion Brand | Pt 9

Reggie Casual goes over some basic things to understand if you plan on making a fashion brand. If you aren’t willing to put in effort in these tips, your career and business could end well before it ever gets off the ground. Part 9 goes over some harsh truths in a cut throat industry but if you can shift through the BS you have a fighting chance.

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28 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Start a Fashion Brand | Pt 9

  1. All I’ve been doing for almost the whole year is creating designs for my fashion bran and all I’ve been doing this just preparing myself and preparing my brand for the future your videos really helps me a lot

  2. First of all: great video, Reggie.

    I have a simple question that i think haven't been discussed in the previous videos.

    What should i do to the left over pieces from the previous collection? Like when i want to start collection no.2, but collection no.1 still have 4 pairs left with weird sizing (xs, 3xl, etc) that already discounted but no ones going to touch it.

    What is the best way to handle this?

    Thanks Reggie. This series have helped me and many others too.

  3. Great video Reggie it was very inspiring being that I am a designer working on my own brand for the new year Thank you so much. I am rethinking how I am going to do everything that you just talk about something’s I already know and some I did not know.

  4. there are so many people in the budding LA streetwear scene that need to watch your videos lol i've subconsciously lost all respect for superrradical, gnarcotic, revenge, and all that trash due to them buying other brands, not showing growth, and everything you're talking about and didn't understand why i was losing so much respect for them until now… thanks!

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