Young people in China want traditional Han clothing back in fashion

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Across China, some young people are switching from jeans and T-shirts to long dresses, silky robes and black hats.

They’re not cosplayers or period drama actors, but rather members of a booming movement to turn Hanfu, or ethnic Han clothing, into everyday wear.

38 thoughts on “Young people in China want traditional Han clothing back in fashion

  1. Young Chinese like Hanfu because is pretty and here in Chengdu mostly teenagers wear Hanfu in cosplay events or just to take pictures for their weibos. I don't think is a political movement. It's just trendy.

  2. Why the double standard here?

    When you go to Japan and you see people wearing their traditional clothing you go, "that's great, they're preserving their history and identity". It give you a sense of culture.

    The Manchu culture is from the Northeast of China. But most of the people in China are the Han people, so why not have Han clothing?

  3. This actually went viral in Tik Tok. It's so pretty. Love it. Except those clothes are expensive. Can't afford this revival even if I wanted to.

  4. 人家穿汉服影响到你了吗?有必要配这种滑稽的音乐侮辱他人?南蛮鴃舌,外拒于中原文明的蛮荒之地,配以英国人的统治,无非借助中国大陆的闭塞发达了几十年而已,整天以某个别大陆人的素质借题发挥,却从不审视自己,可笑啊.

  5. I'm not from China but I also want to wear traditional clothing as well. One day, I'll wear Barot Saya or Maria Clara daily even when I go to the market 😊

    Or during June 12, amma wear a malong, ankled length wig and full body tattoos 😊

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