Fashion Design Tutorial 2: Concept Dev & Mood Boards

One of my longer vids, but full of (hopefully helpful) information! The point of mood boards, finding inspiration, chickens with bitchy resting face, visual research, mind maps, developing concepts, collaging, beautifully sad people, putting together a working sketchbook and mood boards, raw emeralds, Zoe’s obsessions with Japan, dying things, and metallics. Basically a lot of … Continue reading “Fashion Design Tutorial 2: Concept Dev & Mood Boards”

VLOG| Life as a Fashion Design Major

**I’m going to post a separate video talking in detail about the Fashion Design program at UNT!** Here’s a little glimpse of what I do as a fashion design major at the University of North Texas! We do projects like these all through out the semester, each one has a different theme. This one was … Continue reading “VLOG| Life as a Fashion Design Major”

Fashion Design Tutorial: Developing and Merchandising a Collection

Come find me at See below for info about this video, links to related videos, and more info about me and this channel! I’m a fashion designer and illustrator who used to teach university fashion classes until my YouTube channel took over my life! I love my YT students! I make videos about design, … Continue reading “Fashion Design Tutorial: Developing and Merchandising a Collection”

MIRACULOUS – Fashion Dress Model Design Princess at School – Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

This Episode we draw amazing animals at school but Adrien have a big suprise for teacher!!! Let’s see what happend! Thanks for watching! Please leave a like, dont forget subscribe and click notification bell.

Introduction to FASHION AS DESIGN

Why do we wear what we wear, how is it made, and what does it mean? In this new online course from MoMA, “Fashion as Design,” we will explore a selection of garments from around the world—ranging from Kente cloth to jeans to 3D-printed dresses. Each week will begin with a conversation between the course … Continue reading “Introduction to FASHION AS DESIGN”