Second Graders React to Lammily and Other Fashion Dolls This video was filmed at St. Edmund’s Academy, an independent, preschool – 8th grade day school in Pittsburgh, PA. It shows the reaction of 2nd graders comparing a typical fashion doll with the Lammily doll. The Lammily doll was designed with realistic human proportions using the average measurements of a typical 19 year old … Continue reading “Second Graders React to Lammily and Other Fashion Dolls”

Fashion Editor Shiona Turini: A Day In the Life

We followed Cosmopolitan’s fashion market director Shiona Turini across New York during an insane day of Fashion Week, where she inspired us with her grace under pressure. Full story here: Follow us: Tweets by TheCut Tweets by NYMag Tweets by thescienceofus Tweets by vulture Tweets by intelligencer

Korean Style vs American Style (+ Eunice’s Fashion Styling Tip) | Wishtrend

Hello, Wish Trenders. This video is about the cultural differences between Korean fashion and american fashion. Cause there were many subscribers who asked about Eunice’s fashion, so she made a disclosure of her personal fashion tips in this video. Hope you enjoy this video! ^^ ▶ WISHTREND FREE SHIPPING ZONE ▶ Invitation Rewards for … Continue reading “Korean Style vs American Style (+ Eunice’s Fashion Styling Tip) | Wishtrend”

The Fashion Designers Guide: Creating Fashion Websites That Sell

Just because you have a website, doesn’t mean you’re going to makes sales. If your website isn’t working for you in the way you need it to be working for you, there are several things that could be the reason why. While each possible issue could be the culprit, it’s most likely a combination of … Continue reading “The Fashion Designers Guide: Creating Fashion Websites That Sell”

Fashion Diaries 2: Fitting, Models & Runway

Ich wurde von Maybelline New York auf die Berlin Fashion Week eine Woche lang eingeladen. Heute kommt das zweite Video meiner Fashion Diaries Reihe online! Wenn euch das Video gefallen hat, dann freue ich mich über einen Daumen Hoch und positive Kommentare. Dieses Video ist in Kooperation mit Maybelline New York entstanden. Hier geht`s zu … Continue reading “Fashion Diaries 2: Fitting, Models & Runway”

Fashion Revolution Has Made Revolution Fashionable

Fashion journalist Marion Hume: “The business that we love needs to be fair. We need to think when we buy that there is something in the purchase price that goes to a woman just like us, so the woman who makes the clothes that we love can have a life that she loves”. Part of … Continue reading “Fashion Revolution Has Made Revolution Fashionable”

AUBADE LINGERIE | SUMMER 2016 Fashion Show in Moscow

Aubade Paris | Spring -Summer 2016 CPM Fashion Show in Moscow © 2015 Modeyes TV Soundtrack : Trancer by Not too Cry by bikini collection lingerie beauty

The Problem With Fast Fashion | Teen Vogue

Do you love those cheap, fashionable, clothes you can find at places like Zara and H&M? The rise of “fast fashion” has changed the way we buy and wear clothes, but at what cost? Still haven’t subscribed to Teen Vogue on YouTube? ►► ABOUT TEEN VOGUE Fashion, beauty tips, celebrity style, pop culture, videos, … Continue reading “The Problem With Fast Fashion | Teen Vogue”