Is Fashion Becoming Gender Non-Binary?

As new generations increasingly view gender and sexuality as unfixed, as not a question of either/or, boundaries are being broken down. Fashion too has taken up the mantle of challenging binary ideas, pushing forward a vision for genderless design. To explore why the future of fashion is non-binary, i-D teams up with model and activist … Continue reading “Is Fashion Becoming Gender Non-Binary?”

Celine Dion Illuminati Gender Neutral Fashion Revolution. Adventists Dress Reform & The Narrow Path

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Navigating Disability Fashion and Gender Presentation [CC]

In this video, I discuss how my disability (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome); the chronic pain and other symptoms I may experience affect the way I dress and in effect the way I may present my gender expression. Gender Expression and Disability ft Jessica Kellgren-Fozard: You’re So Brave Podcast w/ Chase Ross and Aaron Ansuini: GenderQueer … Continue reading “Navigating Disability Fashion and Gender Presentation [CC]”