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HeForShe + Ukrainian Fashion Week: Gender Equality in Fashion

The HeForShe solidarity movement and Ukrainian Fashion Week have teamed up in a joint project to provide an opportunity for representatives of the Ukrainian fashion industry to join the dialogue on human rights and gender equality in Ukraine. Famous Ukrainian designers share their values and perspectives on the right to self-expression and the freedom to … Continue reading “HeForShe + Ukrainian Fashion Week: Gender Equality in Fashion”

Is Fashion Becoming Gender Non-Binary?

As new generations increasingly view gender and sexuality as unfixed, as not a question of either/or, boundaries are being broken down. Fashion too has taken up the mantle of challenging binary ideas, pushing forward a vision for genderless design. To explore why the future of fashion is non-binary, i-D teams up with model and activist … Continue reading “Is Fashion Becoming Gender Non-Binary?”

Celine Dion Illuminati Gender Neutral Fashion Revolution. Adventists Dress Reform & The Narrow Path

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Navigating Disability Fashion and Gender Presentation [CC]

In this video, I discuss how my disability (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome); the chronic pain and other symptoms I may experience affect the way I dress and in effect the way I may present my gender expression. Gender Expression and Disability ft Jessica Kellgren-Fozard: You’re So Brave Podcast w/ Chase Ross and Aaron Ansuini: GenderQueer … Continue reading “Navigating Disability Fashion and Gender Presentation [CC]”