The Presidency: First Ladies’ Fashion Preview

First ladies historian Carl Sferrazza Anthony describes how presidents’ wives have influenced their political and cultural times through fashion. He begins with Martha Washington’s use of symbolism in her choices of dress and jewelry to bolster the young nation, and ends with Mamie Eisenhower’s fondness for pink, which unintentionally inspired a fad for home goods … Continue reading “The Presidency: First Ladies’ Fashion Preview”

FFXIV: Fashion Report Friday – Week 38 – Theme : Intellichic

Reddit: Fashion Report for Week of 10/19/2018 (Week 38) from ffxiv Support Meoni Here: Patreon Benefits include end credit listings & Discord.

FFXIV: Fashion Report Friday – Week 34 – Theme : Salt of the City-state

Fashion Chicks – Official Trailer (HD)

De officiële trailer van Fashion Chicks. Een film over mode, dansen en bloggen. Met o.a. Liza Sips, Pip Pellens, Robin Martens, B-Brave, Victoria Koblenko, Patrick Martens en Melody Raymann. Snapchat: FashionChicks Fashion Chicks draait vanaf 2 december 2015 in de bioscoop!