A Fashion Student's Week of Classes | Fashion Institute of Technology | FBM Major

Hi guysss! Hope you enjoy this school vlog, I show you what my classes are like, talk about the work/context of them, and what I wear! Love you and thanks for watching♡ also the thumbnail has nothing to do with the video I just didn’t have another one lol Sign up below for an ASOS … Continue reading “A Fashion Student's Week of Classes | Fashion Institute of Technology | FBM Major”

Wearable Technology Fashion @GadgetShowTech

http://SmartGadgetReviews.com Technology has been always crucial to the development of fashion, but as technology improves and advances, it is being more and more closely integrated into our clothing. Wearable technologies currently exist in two spaces – as conceptual pieces by artisan designers, and as engineering driven wearable products that are taken to market. But, as … Continue reading “Wearable Technology Fashion @GadgetShowTech”

Wearable Technology Could be the Future of Fashion

Wearable Technology: How clothing and technology are combining to change the way we dress. Subscribe to Journeyman here: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=journeymanpictures The first wave of wearables have already hit the streets to a fairly quiet response. But developers are promising that soon enough a whole new generation of gadgets will be reaching the consumer market. For similar … Continue reading “Wearable Technology Could be the Future of Fashion”

Fashion Apparel Technology | Olds College

For more information please visit: https://www.oldscollege.ca/programs/fashion/ The world of fashion is a billion dollar industry, and fashionistas are in demand. Step out of the box and make your visions a reality. Industry trained faculty ensure students leave the program with the highest quality of education, a fact demonstrated by the outstanding jobs our graduates obtain.

Smart Textiles: Fashion That Responds — Bryce Beamer (adidas)

Eyebeam Art + Technology Center May 1, 2013 As part of the Computational Fashion program series, Eyebeam presents a diverse group of designers and scientists working in cutting edge textile research and production. From nanoparticles to circuit boards, technology is becoming embedded in the very fabric of the things we wear, creating clothing that’s more … Continue reading “Smart Textiles: Fashion That Responds — Bryce Beamer (adidas)”

Flying Dresses And The Future Of Fashion

From Lady Gaga to Azealia Banks, fashion tech lab Studio XO discuss bringing couture to life through technology, the future of digital skins and smart textiles, and bringing tech fashion to the masses. http://www.studio-xo.com/ Read more: http://bit.ly/1q0L52A ___ SUBSCRIBE to The Creators Project: http://bit.ly/Subscribe_to_TheCreatorsProject SUBSCRIBE to The Creators Project Newsletter: http://bit.ly/HhxuUN ___ The Creators Project … Continue reading “Flying Dresses And The Future Of Fashion”